Hiking Trails In Peters Memorial Woods

Clinton Land Conservation Trust - www.clintonlandtrust.org

Bougie Trail
main trail, .4 mile to a clearing at highest point of elevation; an easy walk for seniors and young children, on a former logging road, wide lined with stone walls; at bridge terrain becomes hilly; marked in red

Princess Pine Trail
.65 miles; Lady's slippers in June, carpets of ground pine, dramatic rock out-cropping: requires moderate endurance and agility: Marked in blue.

Laurel Ridge Trail
.3 mile; a challenging trek into the thickets and bowers of wild mountain Laurel with a steep stepping stone climb: marked in yellow

Brook Trail
.2 mile; passage through a ravine of glacial rock deposit, remains of volcanic upheaval, boulder and foot bridge crossings ; requires moderate endurance and agility ; marked in yellow

Burnham Trail
.45 mile; most physically demanding of all trails; steep terrain an abandoned rock quarry and a long catwalk over wetlands; marked in orange

Spoonwood - Georgia's Trails
.6 mile entrance at Brickyard Yard Road or from clearing at top of Bougie Trail; ancient rock outcroppings a challenging hike. This section is named for its abundance of Mountain Laurel called " Spoonwood" by the Indians who used it to make spoons ; marked in pale green.


The Clinton Land Conservation Trust, Inc. was founded in 1967 by concerned citizens as a private, non-profit organization chartered by the State of Connecticut. The purpose and functions of the Trust according to its Certificate of Incorporation are:

  • To promote the preservation of natural resources of the Town of Clinton, including water resources, marshland, swamps, woodlands and open spaces, and unique scenic and historic sites.
  • To promote the study of local natural resources and to inform and educate the general public with respect thereto.
  • To acquire property by gift, purchase, or otherwise, and to hold and use it to carry out the above-stated purposes.
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