Committees of the Chamber

Committees are how the Chamber gets its work done. Some require more attention than others; all are important. Too many committees get in each other’s way and strain resources.

These committees should be formed by inviting members of the Chamber to participate. Each committee will determine its own schedule; some may only need to meet every other month or so.

Each member of the board of directors should be responsible to attend meetings of a chosen committee and to report to the board the activities and results of that committee. The Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors and the Executive Director are members of each committee ex officio; they are not required to attend each meeting.

This is the committee structure that I envision to help us move forward.

Standing Committees

These committees are oversight committees and are not necessarily tasked with running everything they oversee.

Executive Board
This committee and its membership is established in our by-laws. It consists of the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. The purpose of this committee is to steer the direction of the Board and Chamber and to oversee the staff directly. They are responsible for staff reviews and any issues involving BOD members.

This committee is responsible for both old and new members. They will prospect for new members in and around town; they will mentor those new members as to how to realize the full benefits of the Chamber; and they will recognize existing members who are not actively participating in chamber events and entice them to utilize their membership.

The finance committee is chaired by the treasurer. They are responsible for establishing the yearly budget, reviewing the current performance against budget and overseeing the distribution of funds in the various accounts. They will also be tasked with determining the fiscal effects of new programs and events to the overall finances.

Marketing/Social Media/Communications
This committee will maintain and update the Facebook account for the Chamber.  They should review the website regularly for changes and additions to be made.  They will investigate new forms of social media as they arrive and determine whether to engage. They will analyze marketing opportunities presented to the Chamber as to relevance and viability.

Business Development
This is vital to our mission as a Chamber of Commerce. This committee will be responsible for delivering opportunities for members to grow their business. This includes existing programs, such as Business after Hours, Nexus and Women in Business. They will look at reviving previous programs as well as embarking on new ones.

Legislative Engagement
This committee will look at proposed changes in rules, regulations, taxes and fees at the local and state level to determine how it will affect our membership. They will engage with local economic development and planning and zoning commissions to provide a voice for the chamber in the future of the town of Clinton.

Community Relations
This committee will have the responsibility of reviewing and overseeing events and opportunities that are for the benefit of the general community and enhance the image of the Town of Clinton. This includes the Summer Concert Series, Coast Guard Band Concert, Trunk or Treat, Christmas in Clinton and the Shredding. This committee should review past performance and future expectations. They should also look for other opportunities or events to pursue.

Ad Hoc Committees

Ad hoc committees are formed for a special purpose and generally do not run for a long period of time.

Nominating Committee
This committee is also mentioned in the by-laws and will be formed briefly each spring to consider nominations to the Board of Directors to present at the annual meeting.

Convened every few years to review by-laws for any needed changes or updates.

Annual Awards
This committee determines the criteria for annual awards to be given, solicits nominations from the general membership and presents a short list of nominees to the Board of Directors.

Event Committees

Some of our bigger events require their own special committees. These committees can and should include participants who are not members of the Chamber.

 Email us at with which committee you’re interested in!